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最近在看這本書, 只看到第二章而已... 第二章說了一堆美國國防部花了幾百M, 外包軟體失敗的例子. 民間企業像麥當勞也是, 花了170M, 做了一個失敗的薯條監測程式. 發生的狀況百百種, 但書上說...
Though details differ, the pattern is depressingly repetitive: Moving targets. Fluctuating goals. Unrealistic schedules. Missed deadlines. Ballooning costs. Despair. Chaos.

Standish surveyed 365 information technology managers at large, medium, and small companies and found that only 16 percent of their projects were successful ("completed on time and on budget, with all features and functions as initially specified"). Of the remainder, 31 percent were "impaired" or canceled---total failures. The rest, 53 percent, were considered "project challenged," a euphemistic way of saying that they were over budget, late, and/or failed to deliver all the promised features and functions




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