Google Glass gets unboxed

Wow... 原來Google Glass還附送太陽眼鏡啊... 那我不買太陽眼鏡是正確的...


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via Android and Me by Taylor Wimberly on 4/17/13

After a year of waiting, developers and early adopters have started to receive the Google Glass "Explorer Edition" units that were pre-ordered at Google IO 2012. The retail version of Google Glass is expected to be available later this year (for an unknown price that is lower than the $1500 Explorer Edition), but you can get a quick preview of what to expect thanks to a couple of unboxing videos that just hit the web.

Google IO 2013 is just around the corner, so we should get to spend some hands-on (or heads-on?) time with this exciting piece of technology soon enough. Developers who are interested in creating apps for Glass should check out the Quick Start Guide for the official API documentation.

If Google Glass turns out to be affordable (think price of a smartphone), how many of you will be interested in picking a pair up?


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