Is Samsung looking to trash Tizen, fork Android?

Hmmm, I felt none has good end by playing this kind of game with Intel. (Viiv, WiMAX, ultraviolet...)

Is Samsung looking to trash Tizen, fork Android?

If some tweets from industry insider Eldar Murtazin are correct, Samsung could be headed down an interesting path with Android. In order to fight falling stocks and continue growth, Samsung could be looking to diversify their portfolio, but not with Tizen like originally planned. Samsung may be working on their own version of Android.

According to Eldar Murtazin, Samsung and Intel aren't just looking away from Tizen, which is apparently on life-support as it is, but are working on another Android-based project. Work on Tizen is being pushed back and delayed, and there's good reason for it. Developers aren't too keen on Tizen, and Samsung already has an established ecosystem they may be looking to take outside of the normal Google arena.

There's no specific news or rumors saying so, but the writing's on the wall. There's good reason to believe Samsung is working on their own forked version of Android. We've seen this approach before with Amazon and the Kindle Fire and know that it can work.

Here's what we're working with: As mentioned above according to Murtazin, Samsung and Intel are working on an Android-based project. We know that Samsung needs to diversify their portfolio and reduce dependency on others if it wants to really thrive and sustain growth. Samsung is one of the only companies outside of Amazon who has the ecosystem to support a portfolio of devices without relying on Google and Google Play; it already have an app store, a media hub and everything else needed to build their own OS. And it makes some degree of sense.

Most consumers don't care so much what operating system their phone is using. So long as they have access to the same apps their friends do, that's all that matters. With such a huge portion of the Android market, developers would be forced to push their apps into Samsung's app store if they want maximum coverage. By basing their new OS onAndroid, everything would still work like it does now. It probably wouldn't look a whole lot different. Samsung would just gain complete control over every aspect, giving them more freedom to differentiate.

Of course it's possible that Intel and Samsung are working on something else with Android, but what else could they possibly want to spend the time on? Nothing else makes sense at this point. What do you think? Should Samsung fork Android and distance itself from Google or is it a mistake? If Samsung isn't forking Android to be used with their own apps and services, what else could they be working on? Let us know in the comments.

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